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Rwandan Partners

Partner Organizations and Contacts in Rwanda

Ministry of Trade and Industry

CONTACTS: Francois Kanimba, Minister, MINICOM

Emmanuel Hategeka, Permanent Secretary, MINICOM

Alex Ruzibukira, Director General for Industry and SMEs

Annoncee Kuradusenge, Director of Entrepreneurship Development, MINICOM


Rwanda Development Board

CONTACTS: Clare Akamanzi, CEO

Eusebe Muhikara, Head, Trade and Manufacturing

Livingston Nkuusi, SME Development Senior Officer

David Rugamba, Head, Strategy and Competitiveness

Daniel Nkubito, Strategy and Competitiveness

Apollo Munanura, Head, Human Capital and Institutional Development

Jeannetta Craigwell-Graham (’06), Senior Legal Advisor, Strategic Investment Unit


Private Sector Federation

CONTACTS: Hannington Namara, CEO

Andrew Othieno Rwigyema, Head of Policy and Research


National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda

CONTACTS: Yusuf Mago Murangwa, Director General

Dominique Habimana, Director of Statistical Methods, Research and Publications Unit


Institute of Policy Analysis and Research – Rwanda

CONTACTS: Antonia Mutoro, Executive Director

John Rwirahira, Research Fellow


Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESP)


Yvete Ingabire,


The World Bank – Rwanda

CONTACTS: Caroline Turk, Country Director

Lucy Manganga Mariam Fye, Senior Private Sector Development Specialist


Karisimbi Business Partners

CONTACT: Hunter Thompson (’03), Director


Tele10 Group and TV10

CONTACT: Eugene Nyagahene, CEO


Kassim Mbarushimana

Interpreted for CERE in Rwanda in June 2012 and May 2013. Worked with Mary Gerardy and the WFU service learning trip through his NGO, We Share.  Country manager for The Nyanya Project.


Simon Mvunabandi

Interpreted for CERE in June 2011. Works for the Clinton Health Access Initiative.